Who we are

PMC Promise is a political consulting and communication company that uses innovative methods based on best global practices in the field of political marketing. Its headquarters are based in Athens and its offices are in Thessaloniki. Specializes:

in the organization and implementation of political campaigns and electoral confrontations, communication strategy, political consultation, digital marketing and creative services.

in political strategy and consultation, communication and public relations, quantitative and qualitative measurements, political message (formation, creation, development), traditional strategy and digital marketing.

PMC Promise has a team of Consultants and collaborators with experience and groundbreaking know-how who work together with candidates for the European Elections, national and local elections and elected politicians throughout Greece as well as other political stakeholders.

Alongside, Digital Promise, the new technology division of PMC Promise, provides services across the spectrum of online marketing such as: Creating a political site and application, email marketing, mass sms, pay per click management, social media optimization, graphic design, managing reputation and monitoring.

PMC Promise develops its approach based on better management of the organizational and financial resources of each campaign aiming for optimal performance.

The method

The modern practices and requirements of electoral confrontations but also the competitive political environments create the need to use new methods of strategic and political communication. The PMC Promise team with professional experience and academic background in specialized fields undertakes - with a renewed look - leading you to the top. PMC Promise's dedicated partners undertake the creation of the political product and guidance through the demanding process of national, European or local elections. Final goal? To be way ahead of everyone!

Political Campaigns

"The era of the Amateurs has died, Long live Professionalism."

Millions of politicians are elected each year around the world at both national and regional levels. The process of conducting political campaigns has witnessed revolutionary changes in recent decades. Tested recipes of the past do not work anymore, while innovative ideas produce maximum profits. Thus, a dynamic new generation of political consultants is at the forefront of modern elections. Political marketing techniques such as polls and surveys, press office services, email newsletters, message creation, and political product creation are necessary for the successful outcome of your effort. It is our job to continuously increase the impact of your campaign and your message. Your personal success is our satisfaction.

Digital Marketing

"A good digital campaign can make you; a bad one can really break you!"

Digital Promise provides services to the neuralgic part of online campaigns that involve new technologies, graphic arts and social media.

Our graphic and creative strategies are unique and specially tailored to each political campaign. Our designers and strategic consultants have a strong presence in the field of creative agencies with remarkable and extensive experience in clienteles and projects. They are specialized in the font, color, composition and efficient visual communication you demand. At the same time, they have the appropriate academic background but also an innovative vision to listen for the best and most efficient way to handle international developments that change the everyday scene.

“Elections are won by politicians chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody" Franklin P. Adams

“True, but we do not want this for you, we want you to be forward." PMC Promise Agency


Public Presence

• Creative Thinking - Create your personal "Think Tank"
• Organization of political conferences and events - Access to recognized speakers
• Public Image Management

Mass Media

• Press Office Services
• Promoting Strategic Options in Mass Media (Media Relations)
• Organizing press conferences
• Media presence training (Media Training)
• Common Opinion Measurements
• Common Opinion Measurement Analysis

Web Development

• Web Design and Website Creation
• Designing and Creating a Personal Mobile Application


• Speech Writing (Speech Content)
• Writing Articles for Print and Electronic Press (Editorial Content)

Newsletter and E-mail Campaign
Social Media Digital Marketing & Management

• Facebook FanPage
• Instagram Account
• Twitter Account
• Youtube Channel
• LinkedIn Profile
• Google Ads and SEO

General Consultation
Political Analysis

• Set up a Political Message
• Crisis Management
• Public relations

Digital Media Design – Graphic Design

• Composition and development of personal political Brand
• Campaign Brand Development
• Creating personal cards


Tsimiski 19, Thessaloniki, 54624